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<p>Deaf jokes can be off-putting but they can also be hilarious, especially when the people being made fun of are the hearing people. Deaf people tell jokes all the time using ASL sign language but they are not understood by most hearing people. If you look online, you can find many people putting up jokes as ASL video. Many people assume that deaf jokes are meant to hurt or injure deaf people, but actually when you read and see jokes online that involve deaf people, usually it’s a fairly harmless sentiment behind the joke. But like any jokes involving a minority population, sometimes the jokes are crass, sometimes they are hurtful, and other times the jokes offer some good comic relief. In the case of deaf jokes, comedians can come up with the most offensive approach to the life experience of Deaf, Deaf-Blind, and Hard of Hearing individuals. But most often than not the jokes are hilarious, meant to clear the air, and have everyone lighten up, enjoying a good laugh.</p> <p><b>Clearly Deaf</b></p> <p>Deaf jokes clearly involve deaf people, but they do not always take into account how the Deaf might feel about them. A doctor for hearing impaired people is collecting clean jokes online for his deaf patients who enjoy hearing a joke or two that makes them laugh about their condition. Of course, this doctor would never tell an offensive joke to his patients. And in reality, very few people would try to offend people with disability on purpose. Some deaf people might tell the funniest jokes about the hearing community, which may or may not offend the Hearing. Consider this joke: “Three people are on a train: one Russian, one Cuban, and one Deaf person. The Russian is drinking from a bottle of vodka. She drinks about half the bottle and then throws it out the window. The Deaf person looks at her surprised. ‘Why did you throw out a bottle that was half full?’ The Russian replies, ‘Oh, in my country we have plenty of vodka.’ Meanwhile, the Cuban, who is smoking a rich aromatic cigar, abruptly tosses it out the window. The Deaf person is surprised again and asks, ‘Why did you throw out a half-smoked cigar?’ The Cuban replies, ‘Oh, in my country we have plenty of cigars.’ The Deaf person nods with interest. A little while later a hearing person walks down the aisle. The Deaf person grabs the hearing person and throws him out the window. The Russian and the Cuban look up in amazement. The Deaf person shrugs, ‘In my country we have plenty of hearing people!’” So would you be offended at this joke if you were among people in the hearing community? All jokes have an element of surprise just for a little unreasonableness; otherwise the jokes become dull and just not funny at all. Deaf jokes are no different as the point is to entertain. There is a joke about an elderly gentleman who is hard of hearing, but with the help of hearing aids his doctor finds that his hearing is perfect and that his family must be happy. The punch line of the joke is “Oh, I haven't told my family yet. I just sit around and listen to the conversations. I've changed my will three times!"</p> <p>Deaf jokes abound online and there is even deaf joke video websites for ASL and sign language jokes. Laughter is the best way to enjoy a night out with friends, and many deaf clubs offer entertainment nights involving ASL jokes.</p>

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