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<p>The Deaf and Hard of Hearing community stays in touch through fun activities, live events, and major world cultural and sports activities and events. Finding deaf events requires no more than a quick search around the web among various online listings, and a click of the mouse gets your own event listed as well. Some of the deaf events include Conventions and Conferences for professionals serving the deaf community, Silent News, Silent Suppers, Workshops, Deaf Happy Hour, and Deaf Coffee Chats. Many of the online sites allow you to sign-up for website updates; to receive news of live events happening in your area; and you can also post your own listing of special events. What you might expect to find on some websites is information on national and international events, such as Project D.A.T.E. (Deaf Audience Theatre Experience) and the National Theatre of the Deaf performances, and exclusive coverage of the Deaflympics and Deaf Nation Expo, which is a touring trade show providing a celebration of Deaf Culture, Technology exhibitions, entertainment for, by, and about deaf people, in addition to business and social events all around the United States available at no charge to the public.</p> <p><strong>Getting Involved</strong></br> Deaf events bring people together who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and generally those who form a part of the Deaf and Hearing communities. What is nice about deaf events listings is that they allow people to stay in touch and share in all the different activities going on State side, as well as in Australia and around Europe, which includes the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) world congress in Spain. Here are some examples of the deaf events you want to get involved in, happening all around the U.S.:</p> <ul style="padding-left:25px!important"> <li>Alabama Space Camp</li> <li>California Musical Theatre</li> <li>Georgia Silent Dinners</li> <li>Massachusetts Huntington Theatre</li> <li>New York Open Captioned Movies and Museum Tours</li> <li>Tennessee Interactive Children’s Theatre</li> <li>D.C. ASL Dinners</li> </ul> <p>Australia offers open-captioned cinema and great cultural activities through the Deaf Society of New South Wales. The UK’s SPIT gives fun BSL interpreted performances of mainstream theatre, and the Scottish Council on Deafness provides a slew of information on everything relating the deaf community. In Poland, Miss Deaf Party pageant was created where both Miss and Mister Publicity are crowned every year. You may also want to watch out for these amazing world activities and events that will keep you busy throughout the year:</p> <ul style="padding-left:25px!important"> <li>15th World Congress of the WFD in Madrid</li> <li>Deaf Space Camp</li> <li>World Deaf Tennis Cup</li> <li>World Deaf Swimming</li> <li>Deaf Children and Teens Summer Camp</li> <li>Deaf Pub Events for music and social events</li> <li>Deaf Clubs for networking and ASL lessons</li> <li>Kids Summer Camp for the Deaf</li> <li>Video Phone for Deaf</li> </ul> <p>Becoming an active member of the deaf communities around the world allows you the chance to participate in exclusive, live, and major world Deaf Events. You can also promote your own activities and events for high exposure and networking on international Deaf websites and general discussion forums.</p>

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