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Interests: Deanne-Bray

<p>Deanne Bray, a famous TV and film actress, was born in Los Angeles growing up in southern California. Deanne Bray is profoundly deaf in her right ear with an 86 decibel loss in her left ear. She is best known for her role as Sue Thomas, F. B. Eye where she portrays the true life story of FBI agent Sue Thomas, an American woman who was the first deaf person to work undercover doing lip-reading of suspects for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Deanne has also appeared in Strong Medicine, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Rescue Me, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and The L Word, to great reviews from the New York Post stating: “Deanne Bray is a fresh new face who lights up the screen in every scene she’s in. Keep your ‘eye’ on her”. She has received great reviews for her work as an actress from the Hollywood Reporter, and other major critics.</p> <p><b>Actress and Teacher</b></p> <p>Deanne Bray is known as a successful Hollywood actress, but in fact she started her professional career as a math and science teacher to deaf high school students. Deanne knows American Sign Language (ASL), and she has received her B.A. in biology from California State University. She still enjoys teaching children who are hearing impaired, in fact she says that it is the work she loves, even with all the fame she has experienced. Deanne Bray is married to a deaf actor named Troy Kotsur; they have a daughter called Kyra Monique born in 2005. Deanne’s own parents wanted to be sure their daughter was instructed to speak and write English from a very young age, in addition to learning ASL at various learning programs and centers to develop her language skills. Deanne Bray was born mostly deaf possibly from German measles, a condition that has not stopped her from achieving all her dreams. She has become a great role model for many people in the deaf community, while her own role models include Phyllis Frelich, Linda Bove, Freda Norman, and Sue Thomas.</p> <p>Deanne Bray is an American actress who is loved by many for her talented interpretation of characters that are interesting and true to life. She is well-respected by critics and fans alike, as Deanne expresses herself as a talented actor, bringing to light enjoyable, yet striking stories.</p>

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