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<p>Being Deaf is a cultural label that is sometimes difficult to deal with for people within the deaf community. Prejudices from outside the community, coming from the hearing world, create a sense of struggle in life, as if deafness is more than an audio logical condition with effective solutions. Deaf culture refers to the full experience of deaf people, something that includes social beliefs throughout history, behaviors and artistic expressions, literary and philosophical traditions, as well as values and shared educational and cultural institutions. But the most defining factor of deaf culture is language, notably sign languages as they constitute the main means of communication.</p> <p><strong>Truth or Dare</strong><br/> The truth inherent in deaf culture relates to how deaf people view themselves, and many understand deafness as a human experience, rather than a disability. The daring factor encompassing the life of a deaf person has to do with overcoming a physical condition that creates certain challenges. Deaf culture is defined by each individual member of the deaf community in their own sense of identity, which is not shaped by their physical competence, but by how they perceive and experience language itself. It is said that language and culture are inseparable since the expression of meaning happens through language. Sign languages are not only tools used for basic communication among deaf people, but they also encompass the whole of the culture making up the experience of deafness. The absence of sound in a human makes for a culture that surpasses acoustic aspects of communication. The body, hands and facial expressions, emotions and intellectual perceptions make up the real essence of sign languages so intertwined with deaf culture.</p> <p><strong>Realistic Comparison</strong><br/> A realistic comparison of deaf culture and the expression of life experience shared by both deaf and hearing communities, gives insight into the true meaning of culture. Being cultural for human beings means that we have a need to share our life experience and be social communicating our basic needs and higher ideals. People who are a member of the deaf community are impacted by deaf culture in a very deep way. These people may be deaf, but also be hearing people who have an attitude that helps include them in the deaf community; deafness presents some physical limitations that can be overcome, it does not limit your imagination, intellect, or ability to live to the best of your abilities.</p> <p>Deaf culture exists as an outlet for deaf people educated at residential deaf schools develop their own network of friends, and they keep in touch by organizing community events, ensuring their language and heritage is passed on to future generations.</p>

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