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<p>A deaf club is a sign language club operating in colleges and high schools, which offer members a chance to improve on sign language skills, network with other deaf people, and raise awareness of deaf culture activities and deaf community needs. Deaf club members find that they are able to form a bond and make a connection with people in the deaf community, while they learn a sign language such as American Sign Language (ASL). Many clubs offer courses for members and non-members in which they can learn and practice ASL.</p> <p><strong>College and High School Clubs</strong><br/> Active members of a deaf club in colleges have an opportunity to learn more about deafness, and its impact on a deaf person’s ability to interact with others. Some college sign language clubs provide various services, such as baby sitting services for parents with a deaf child, and for Christmas fun a Signing Santa. The activities of a deaf club are kept informal and the mood is laid back, with members being able to suggest new activities and causes to be taken on by the sign language club. The most important part of being a part of a deaf club is the ability of learning to communicate in ASL, while networking with people in the deaf community, learning about deaf culture and history. Starting a sign language club in your high school or college involves being able to set up meetings and classes that benefit members in such a way that they feel connected to deaf culture.</p> <p><strong>ASL Instruction</strong><br/> Most ASL classes consist of one hour of ASL sign language vocabulary, dialogues, learning and instructional activities, along with discussions on topics relating to the deaf community interests. Members of a sign language club all have the same interest of learning and practicing ASL, yet members do not have to be deaf or hard of hearing. Some members of deaf clubs are part of the hearing community, and they either know someone who is hearing impaired, or they are studying to become a sign language interpreter. The friendships formed through sign language clubs can last a lifetime, as people are able to make a strong connection through ASL activities that are geared towards the development of a strong bond between deaf club members, whether they are deaf or hearing.</p> <p>Deaf club members benefit from the friendship, support, and activities provided by their sign language club. For most, it is a place to forge new alliances and create long lasting relationships with like-minded people who belong to the deaf community.</p>

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