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<p>Deaf chat forums and social websites allow the deaf community to connect on a social level and discuss various issues of concern to deaf people. With deaf social chat sites, the use of video chat and real-time chat makes communication easy, fun, and quick. The video technologies for online chat is quite integral to the success of deaf chat sites, as deaf culture is centered around the ability to use visual communication via ASL and other sign languages. Deaf video and ASL chat is a central part of communication among deaf people, allowing a greater number of deaf persons to get together socially, and enabling many previously isolated and ignored people to have an outlet and a tool to meet people who have similar hearing disabilities. For deaf culture, sign language is extremely important as it affords people a chance to come close and unite in common causes.</p> <p><b>Video Chat Revolution</b></p> <p>Ever since the Internet, online chat and dating services, videophones and deaf chat sites came along, a video chat revolution exploded. The need for visual communication among the Deaf is absolutely essential, and video chat answered a very basic need for simple tools that allow easy communication among the deaf community. Deaf chat through forums and videos is here to stay, as it has unleashed a great response from the deaf community that has long been ignored by mass media, craving attention and connections that last a lifetime, deaf people are bringing their full support to sites springing up all over the net. Deaf chat provides individuals, organizations, schools and colleges with a cause to benefit deaf people, a device custom-made for the right type of exposure. Considering the fact that throughout history deaf people have not had any specific technologies and tools that benefit in such an inherently adapted manner, video chat, online forums, and videophones provide the perfect solutions for debate, exposure, and promotion of vital legal, medical, and social issues relating to deafness. An outlet for expression to channel ideas, thoughts on events, laws, rallies, and daily life skills, video chat revolutionized how the deaf community gets involved in their own advocacy.</p> <p>Deaf chat is for everyone who has access to a mobile device like a videophone, or a computer and laptop that gives access to the Internet, where valuable online connections are made, revolutionizing the way deaf people live their lives. Getting involved in deaf chatting via forum, SMS, ASL video, Vlogs, and videophones requires some technical ability that can be learned easily.</p>

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