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Part 1: The World of Deaf Culture

This is a very interesting documentary taken from the Disabled Activists video library, discussing about deafness and our culture.
  • Producer: Paro
Antonia Mueller
4 years ago
Proof of your show to deaf people. I used to work at Jensen Beach Deaf Club in Florida. I brought the big radio in deaf club from my husband still work appliance tech. and my husband take care of good music for deaf people. deaf people said turned off and vote do not want listen the music in deaf club on holiday. I respected deaf people in deaf club and I continue listen the music my car, home, dance club forever. I am happy to seen this deaf concert with ASL sing for deaf people! I proud of this! My dream want deaf concert is in Florida and I would love to come and listen the music very much! I went hearing concert often no one deaf people in hearing concert! :{

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