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Friday the 13th by John Pirone

The Veditz Project is an initiative of DeafTV to preserve Deaf history and culture in a fun an innovative way. Each month viewers will be asked to submit their best story in ASL and prizes will be awarded to the winners. There are a few rules. 1. The story must be true (We don’t want a retelling of Deaf Tree!) 2. It must be about you! (Don’t tell someone else’s story!) 3. It must be at least 2 and no more than 10 minutes long 4. By submitting it you give DeafTV permission to post it on our website 5. It MUST follow the theme. Here is a story submitted at our storytelling event held at Deaf Studies, Today!, 2012 on the campus at Utah Valley University. This one was submitted under the theme "Friday the 13th". A series of unfortunate events leads John to good luck. More information will be forthcoming in our newsletter! ENJOY

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