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SPOON RIVER 2.0 - Butch Weldy (Brian Suchite)

SPOON RIVER 2.0 (from the SPOON RIVER ANTHOLOGY by Edgar Lee Masters) directed and produced by Ethan Sinnott cinematography by Jose Saldana "AFTER I GOT religion and steadied down They gave me a job in the canning works, And every morning I had to fill The tank in the yard with gasoline, That fed the blow-fires in the sheds To heat the soldering irons. And I mounted a rickety ladder to do it, Carrying buckets full of the stuff. One morning, as I stood there pouring, The air grew still and seemed to heave, And I shot up as the tank exploded, And down I came with both legs broken, And my eyes burned crisp as a couple of eggs. For someone left a blow-fire going, And something sucked the flame in the tank. The Circuit Judge said whoever did it Was a fellow-servant of mine, and so Old Rhodes' son didn't have to pay me. And I sat on the witness stand as blind As Jack the Fiddler, saying over and over, "l didn't know him at all.""
  • Producer: Ethan Sinnott

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