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A.D. Blood (Donald Clupper) and Robert Southey Burke (Colin

SPOON RIVER 2.0 (from the SPOON RIVER ANTHOLOGY by Edgar Lee Masters) directed and produced by Ethan Sinnott cinematography by Jose Saldana A.D. Blood "IF YOU IN the village think that my work was a good one, Who closed the saloons and stopped all playing at cards, And haled old Daisy Fraser before Justice Arnett, In many a crusade to purge the people of sin; Why do you let the milliner's daughter Dora, And the worthless son of Benjamin Pantier Nightly make my grave their unholy pillow?" Robert Southey Burke "I SPENT MY money trying to elect you Mayor, A.D. Blood. I lavished my admiration upon you, You were to my mind the almost perfect man. You devoured my personality, And the idealism of my youth, And the strength of a high-souled fealty. And all my hopes for the world, And all my beliefs in Truth, Were smelted up in the blinding heat Of my devotion to you, And molded into your image. And the when I found what you were: That your soul was small And your words were false As your blue-white porcelain teeth, And your cuffs of celluloid, I hated the love I had for you, I hated myself, I hated you For my wasted soul, and wasted youth. And I say to all, beware of ideals, Beware of giving your love away To any man alive."
  • Producer: Ethan Sinnott

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