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Friday the 13th by Stephanie Mathis

The Veditz Project is an initiative of DeafTV to preserve Deaf history and culture in a fun an innovative way. Each month viewers will be asked to submit their best story in ASL and prizes will be awarded to the winners. There are a few rules. 1. The story must be true (We don’t want a retelling of Deaf Tree!) 2. It must be about you! (Don’t tell someone else’s story!) 3. It must be at least 2 and no more than 10 minutes long 4. By submitting it you give DeafTV permission to post it on our website 5. It MUST follow the theme. Here is a story submitted at our storytelling event held at Deaf Studies, Today!, 2012 on the campus at Utah Valley University. This one was submitted under the theme "Friday the 13th." Stephanie's story is too short for our rules... but come on! Its happened to everyone! More information will be forthcoming in our news letter! ENJOY

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