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DOVE - Ending the Silence

Imagine a silent world, a violent world. There is no calling out for help; there is no one who can hear your pain. In this short documentary style program we take a look at a Denver organization called “DOVE” whose mission is to provide culturally accessible services that empower and offer hope to Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals who experience abuse. Overcoming adversity and gaining strength in new beginnings is what Nadelle is working on. She and her three children were stuck in an abusive situation by her husband’s constant belittling and violent behavior. With the help of DOVE she was able to file a restraining order, find a shelter and eventually divorce her now ex husband. Culturally accessible services are hard to come by when you are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. The barriers seem to pile up and it becomes much easier to just stay in the relationship and deal with the abuse. Because of DOVE and the hope it offers, people are able to come forward and get the help they need and deserve.
  • Producer: saravideoproducer

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