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Sight Casts: Fly Fishing in Close

Professional fly fishing guide Bryan Eldredge takes you fly fishing to show why it is important to practice short casts. He provides tips on how to practice your casting and catch more fish.
  • Producer: DeafTV
Glenn Parker
2 years, 8 months ago
That's exact as funny about hollywood's very long range cast as people think require skill to get fish far away as unaware that can be catch only few away. If see fish far away...we can wade to there. You are right about warning us as safety come first. Good idea about lot of landscape and trees at home even at public park as good practice cast to exact spot. Someday I hope you will make a video about different between floating line an sinker line even explain about leader attachment as many people not know that and different "lures" in spring and fall. Right about us deaf people always use eyes to look around. I also look for water breaking where fish hide behind wait for underwater food sail go curve away from rocks/logs in currents. Thank you for showing us.
Alan Donaldson
4 years, 3 months ago
I recommend have fly class and fishing on river with Bryan to teach us. Let have deaf people vote

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