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Official Deaf Women in Film Interview of Jackie Roth

Learn about Jackie Roth and her experience in acting and producing. Great tips for hearing filmmakers and deaf professionals involved. 00:04 - 00:58 Tell us a little bit about your background. Where were you born and raised? 00:58 - 01:34 What was your deaf experience like growing up? 01:34 - 02:17 What's your passion? Tell us a little bit about it. 02:17 - 02:55 What do you believe it takes to get your foot in the doorway to success? 02:55 - 05:39 What was your best learning experience in the field of acting? 05:39 - 06:05 What's the biggest problem you've faced as a deaf actress? 06:05 - 9:39 Tell us about working on "Sound & Fury" as a film producer. 09:39 - 10:30 Any advice for the deaf community involved in film? 10:30 - 11:18 Any advice for deaf and hard of hearing women involved in film? 11:18 - 11:24 Credits Interviewed & Filmed by Jules Dameron on behalf of Deaf Women in Film
  • Producer: Jules Dameron

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