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Flying or Flyfishing

Greg Rathbun recounts the story of being torn between two loves. Originally produced by the Utah Community Center for the Deaf as part of a series of videos to train interpreters in ASL to English skills. As it turns out they are a great history of the Deaf community. See if you agree! Shout out to Bryan Eldredge--word up Sight Casts!
  • Producer: Utah Interpreter Program
Shane Bennett
3 years, 3 months ago
Greg, when you finish pilot class and airplane pilot licence then I think you need you go back class for who skydiuer jump off your plane licence then you taken me, Kilee and Chelsee to fly to 10,000 feet and spot where chate land zone let us jump off from your plane we parachutes. OK Greg? Smile good luck BUT your wife says NO to you become pilot. Sorry, We have other pilot anyway. take care. Shane.

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